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Looking at the photos it seems that I did not do much last weekend, but I did lot of measurements, drawings and head and chin scratching to decide (figure out ) what to do next and how, which also need to happen I suppose....I have made a mock up of the compartment behind the seats. I will make a wood template and make a fiberglass copy of it. Still need to finish the mock up, as I keep changing it to maximise the space. I would like to fit a spare tyre in it and a small bag of tools/things, jack etc.



I am trying to extend the box to go over the swing spring. I will make sure I make access to the spring to diff mounting area if it is necessary to access it in the future.


I will also make it a bit longer at the bottom. When I've trial fitted the seats I noticed that there is available space behind the seats, even if they would be in their position furthest at the back, so the back bulkhead can also be angled rather than straight, which might look good be continued...


I have also traced the line of the body curvature at the back of the bonnet area to make a template for the upper part of the bulkhead. This will also be made in fiberglass, glassed together with the rest of the bulkhead and bonded to the body later.

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