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In between waiting for coats of primer to dry on the rear clam after flattening down and filling surface holes, I finished the front of the car off with the remaining decals/stickers, black infill and redid the sunstrip.

I wasn’t happy with the original RS Ford Rallye Sport sunstrip, and didn’t want to go for the period black/red Motorcraft Sparks Fly one, so landed on a mix of Ford logos and RS200 logo in blue. The owner of DMB produced a lovely RS200 logo in dark ford blue which I think fits well with the rest of period livery.

I sourced all the remaining stickers/decals, and just had the two Shell logos and scripts to fit on the front wing areas.

I also painted the black infill areas on the front bumper, and dummy bonnet vent, with black Plasti Dip.

Pretty pleased with the overall result if I say so myself :-)

Can’t decide whether to also paint black the smaller lower vent areas in the front bumper, also the inner surface of the headlamp cowls. Will give that one some thought.

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