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Thanks molleur

Today I didn’t have much time to spend in the garage, and not enough to make a start on the stripes, so ended up putting on the stickers/decals on the rear panel and the two rear wings.

I think the Shell logo on the rear panel might have the effect optically of making the rear of the car look narrower. Not sure if it’s just my eyes but be interested to hear what folks think. I may well be that it just draws your attention to the middle of the clam/rear of the car, not sure.

Both red Pirelli stickers were also fitted to each of the rear wings.

It really is like when you finished off an Airfix kit as a kid and you got to the part where you soaked the stickers in water and then applied them. Well, in fact a lot simpler given there’s no water involved, that is apart from a light misting of the surface to help prevent air bubbles!

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