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Hi Lucky.
Your support is appreciated
And yes, the 5&6th May are already booked in
On my Calendar for Stoneleigh,
and can’t wait
I have a budget, and have taken into account of
Over budget, Wich is why I’ve allowed 10k over
But not a penny more.
If My homework is correct, it should be ok (hoping, lol)
I’m also hoping Clive will be there
representing D.C supercars, fingers crossed.
I’m still in the very premature stages, as I need to ensure
I’ve done all the necessities possible to ensure a
Successful build.
Also need to find out the tools I will be required for the project.
Just a bit nervous if I’m honest about the whole thing,
As I’ve stated, I’ve never done anything like this before,
And I certainly don’t want to cut corners in anyway shape or form.
I have a good friend who works with bmw engines,
It may be worth asking if he can recondition the v12 powerplant. And give it extra kick.
Failing that, I will have to find another source.
Garage is sorted already, having access to a double garage.
Thank you again, and hopefully speak soon.
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