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Default Help me or shoot me....

Good afternoon,

So here are my options for an engine:

Ford 3.0 V6 (ST220)
Volvo 2.5 T5
Saab 2.8 V6
Mazda 2.3 DSI (MPS)

Will somebody please make a decision for me as I am clearly incapable of doing so on my own.

If I don't decide soon I'm going into the study, I'll take the Webley from the top drawer of my desk, pour myself a stiff brandy and do the decent thing....

.I haven't actually got a Webley....or even a study....but that's how frustrated I am right now having been kicking this around in my heads for months.

The car is an Aeon GT so I need a transverse engine. It's not the lightest at around 550KG sans motor so I think it needs 200+ horses.

3 out of the 4 options above are turbocharged and there is a part of me that keeps saying Turbos are not right for a kit car but would the NA Ford lump be too "leggy"

Any advice appreciated.

PS: I don't want a Honda engine.
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