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I'v spent a lot of time over the past few weeks working in this Jag project.
Fitting the bonnet left me with a large gap to fill about 12"

I though I would be clever and got Chris at Tribute Automotive to make a small bonnet end section which I was going to bond to the existing bonnet but unfortunately the "D" type bonnet is not flat at any point and this wouldn't work.
The only solution was to build it up from scratch. .

Firstly I cut off the original shutting edge of the bonnet and using a few fiberglass finger strips between the bonnet edge and the shutting edge joined then both together bridging the gap.

These were then fiberglassed on the underside to give them some strength and support.

Then some stainless steel mesh bonded in place to help form the new section.

The hollow area was then built up with fiberglass matting so reducing the amount of filler needed and reducing the chance of cracking.

Them a light skim of heavy duty glass filler.

The bonnet now flows nicely from the edge with no flat spots and I'm sure the painter will be able to make it disappear completely when he works his magic.
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