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Originally Posted by lancelot link View Post
I see you have removed the front anti-roll bar ? We used to do it a lot on the Hot Rod builds using Cortina front clips etc. because it just stuck out the front and was ugly didn't seem to make much difference on them anyway wasn't an issue ...Can I ask why yours has gone / is it a clearance issue on the D type bonnet or something else ?
The anti-roll bar is still fitted, if you look closely at the top picture you can just see the drop link (more photos to follow).
My main experience of ARB's is with 2CV based 3 wheelers.
I'v find they do make a considerable and noticeable difference on cornering and at speed, probably because of the 2CV suspension set up.
There are many after market ARB available to fit the 2CV but funny enough I found the SE5 ARB the most effected one.
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