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The Jaguar engine is a EFi unit and as I have no ECU, fuel injection system or wiring harness my cheapest option is to go for a carb conversion running a plug-and-points ignition.

This engine uses a distributor but only to distribute the spark to each plug, ie; the distributor has no internals only a rotor arm.

I found a standard Triumph 6 cylinder distributor which has the same shaft dimensions. Actually both were LUCAS units and the shafts were identical but the Jaguar unit looked different because it had a bigger head.
I removed the drive from the Jaguar unit and machined it to fit the Triumph unit.

Once I'd changed the mounting/locking plate the new distributor fitted nicely into position and turns freely about 30% so timing adjustment shouldn't be an issue .

Ignition advance and retard will be done via a vacuum feed.

It time I will replace/convert this with a ACUSPARK electronic unit but for now it will do it's job and generate it's own spark 6 times per 2 revolutions of the engine as required.

The think the fuel delivery system will be a little more complicated to sort out!!!!
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