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Default SORN

When did SORN come in? I've been out of the country 3 years now, returning in 2007 to hopefully get the car back on the road. I vaguely remember telling the DVLA that the car was off the road (ca 2000), but now i've read up on SORN, and find that i should have been renewing it every year.

BIG problem brewing. They quote these big fines for failure to do as they say, so i'm really rather loathe to ask what the current status of my car is. I've tried their website checker, but no joy (doesn't recognise the car) . The SORNs are sent to your address as at the DVLA - is that for the car, or for the owner? cos living abroad, i cant change the address on my UK driver's licence, so officially i still live in the uk.

i expect to return and be treated like a tax dodger (or worse ), end up with a huge fine, perhaps the car taken away, prison sentences are mentioned.

Perhaps i should just SVA and reregister?
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