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Default Donor on old type V5

I need some advice on which is the correct course of action. I've bought a donor 1971 spitfire which has the old style V5 document, the comms plate match the V5 so all is well there but i have contacted DVLA who say that their records show the spitfire has dropped off (that's their terminology) due to the fact the car has been off the road for so long. The DVLA say i need to take some photos of the spitfire and send them to the triumph owners club along with forms V55/5 and V765, the TOC will then verify the car is what the V5 states and forward both forms onto DVLA who will then issue a new V5 in my name.
I am using the donor chassis only along with a GT6 engine on a Ribble so that will mean i have to send the V5 off to DVLA again to change the V5 to show Ribble as the type of vehicle, this i am guessing is correct

Has anybody gone down this road with their donor and is the info DVLA given correct.

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