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Hey gents. Its been a while and I have been quite busy. I have mostly been knocking out some body work and prepping the car for the rear portion of the body. Here are some pics on my current progress.

Front is on!

First things first. Although accurate to some SWB 250 models, I am not keen on the "smiley face" shape of the grill of the car. In no way does it look bad but I want a more aggressive front. So I reshaped the grill area to match more along the lines of my go-by car. I am going to be making a custom grill all out of polished aluminum to fit the front of this car. Stay tuned for that. Here is a before and after. To me this completely changes the look of the front of the car but it does need a bit of refinement.

Next I deleted the roof vent. I like the cleaner lines this provides. Still needs final touch up sanding which I will knock out when prepping for paint.

I have also extended out the wiring for the back lights of the car.

Next, I have taken the opportunity to get some interior work done before the roof goes on. This is just something I wanted to do since it is much easier now. I have boxed off the back section. This is not complete but I do need to back of the car on to go further. This will all be covered in diamond stitched leather as per original look. The access hole is for the fuel pump that will be covered with a thin piece of fiberglass for access in the future.

I have also been marking up the area for the new rear window. I am going to make a custom plexiglass back window that is more in line with the original shape and i have been experimenting with how it will look. I will take a lot of pictures and post a how-to in case anyone wants to retrofit a different window in their SWB in the future.

And that gets us to where I am today. I am at the point where I need to run my fuel filler line and then I should be ready to install the rear portion of the car and start working on modding the doors. This is where I need you guys help!! For the life of me I cannot get this fuel cap base(?) out of the filler tube. Could you guys let me know what you did to get it off? It looks like it should just pull out but it is not budging for me.


My kick came with 2 rear boot panels. One fits nicely, the other does not. Any idea what the second one is?

Cheers guys

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