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Originally Posted by Jeff H View Post
A few things that may help,

You really need to shrink wrap the wiring, it will stop damp creeping in and ruining the connection in the future.

The wood in the rear looks like it will interfere with the backs of the seats, they go back quite a way and unless you are a midget who drives with your nose on the steering wheel you may find it will interfere.

The petrol filler steel cap bit is a right swine to remove, mole grips and a lot of swearing will help.

The inner boot lining, you have two and only of course only need one, maybe Tribute sent you the second one instead of the rear parcel shelf ?.

The rear window mod, it may be worth contacting Justin at Grassbank Conversions, they have done all the legwork and sell a kit that fits and works out the box. Not cheap but well worth it IMO.

Hope this helps ?
Hey Jeff,

This helps out a lot. Thank you for the help! I definitely do need to go back a shrink wrap all of the wire connections. That was an oversight on my part.

Agreed on the wood paneling. I took a gamble on the fit. I will be using aftermarket seats that are "thinner" in the mid section than the OEM Z3 seats so I was hoping that would make the fit. If not, I will modify to make room.

So the petrol cap does pull off? I will have to be more forceful with it in the morning then. I am just wearing of cracking the plastic filler tube that goes into the tank.

Thanks again!
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