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Default Building lambo countach rep

Hi all,

Been lurking on here for awhile now and first time posting.

I bought a Mirage replica of the Countach as a part built last year. It needed paint, elecs and interior. So I bought it

As we all know now, when buying part builds, you end up undoing most of what has been done!!

Which is very true of mine, brakes no good, engine no good, fuel setup wrong, radiator position wrong, 6 wrong shocks and the list gets on!!

So, engine replaced with a Chevy v8, approx 400bhp. Brakes redone, rears need upgrading already as will not pass IVA!

Elecs going in as we speak, interior to be built, some body mods and locate the correct wheels too.

Will keep you posted.

Admin can move his to the right place of necessary.


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