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Default First time kitcar building.

Hello, I’m Andy.
New to the forum,
I’m from the Warwickshire erea.
I’ve been keenly into kit cars for a number of yr’s now,
Having attended the National kitcar show a few times
at Stoneleigh.

I’m particularly interested in the Italian replicas,
More so the Diablo vt roadster.

haven’t really done any homework on a kitcar build,
Reason being,
I know nothing about cars in general, or anything mechanical.
Im a welder by trade if that can be of any use?
But recently, I’ve developed a strong passion to
Look into actually building My very own Diablo vt roadster,
I’ve always had a great passion for performance cars,
Namely Lamborghini.

Basically apart from introducing Myself,
I guess I’m looking for sound advice, also.

Has anyone with no previous build experience
had success building what looks like such
a complex build as the Diablo vt roadster,
Or would this be quite possibly to much for a newbie
To build.

Well what I perceive as a complex build as I don’t have any previous
Build experience.

Would this be something for someone as Myself to take on such a project.

I do know that there is a company “D.C. Supercars”
That provide the chassis, and the body shell etc etc.

I do have a budget for the project.
The powerplant, wheels I would like to incorporate
Into the build.
Still in the early stages of researching, such as tools required
For such a project.
And finding the right suitable place to take on such a project.

I have so many question’s.
And hope someone in the know who has experience
Building their own dream kit, could offer Myself good sound advice.
Thanks for reading.

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