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Default SVA Failure

Hi Everyone,

To no one's surprise my turbo fell foul to the inspectors in Chelmsford yesterday. I should have realised how 'petty' the regs can be after reading fellow builders failures, but when the examiner failed the car on a bulb that actually blew while he was playing with the controls I started to laugh.

So in general my failure was down to:-

1. The seat belt anchorage bar was found to be unacceptable.

2. Numerous 'sharp' edges to bodywork These are not where the body has been cut.

3. Headlights require adjustment.

4. Rear wheels exceed arches.

5. Poor braking performance.

At a guess a couple of weeks work at most, but guys I must say the drive up the A12 at 7:00, what a pleasure, leaving home in the dark and heavy frost. every driver looking at you, every passenger waving or thumbs up.

Then on the way back I took the scenic route across to Ongar and then down through Stapleford Abbotts, by now it was lunchtime and there were a few people around, I have never seen so many admiring looks.

Best one of all was a farm tractor coming the other way with at least 30 cars behind (we have all been there), as I passed each car the driver stared and had to check out the back in their mirrors.

So am I down? no! Just have been given even more incentive.

Regards to all builders

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