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Catching Up

Previous replies
Barber Ė The end of project drinks were Wednesday and Iím slowing catching up on my sleep.
As my longest Ďstation to stationí day was 5.30am to 10.30pm and Iím too old for that these days.

Lancelot Ė Even though I missed most of August, I enjoyed the good weather earlier in the year.
I assume you are going to build a Formosa for yourself? Herald or Scimitar based?

Barber Ė Whilst the finished yellow band looks great, Iíve still no idea how he managed it.
As the short video clip he posted of him applying it looked a complete mess.

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Last reply
Barber Ė Iíve been driving past signs for Bentley Priory for years, but this was my first visit.
I only stopped for the photos, but will return at some point for a proper visit to the museum itself.
I also knew they were redeveloping the site for years, but hadnít realised it was Millionaireís Row!

Both of my Swordfish videos have been filmed around this area.
So let me know when you are planning to bring the Z3gato down to play.

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Missing August Again!
August 2016 Ė I was still finishing the car off (First MOT = 31/08/16)
August 2017 Ė I was painting the car BRG
August 2018 Ė I was mostly stuck in front of a computer screen

Still, at least Iíve passed the two years on the road mark, which seems to have flown by.

I did manage one 50 mile round trip in August to visit an old MZ racing buddy of mine.
He really wanted to see the car, so my wife agreed to put up a less than comfortable car journey.
While our other halves chatted over tea, we sneaked out for a quick spin on the local roads.
As I talked him through the mods, he joined the ranks of those who canít believe I finished it.

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Goodwood Revival
Due to my work project, I couldnít commit to this weekend when the tickets went on sale.
Now that I am free to go, I was toying with the idea of volunteering at the event to get in.
But my car really needs a tonneau cover if I am going to leave it parked up unattended.
And the harsh fact is that I am simply too tired to do much at the moment.
So this event will have to become a 2019 target instead.

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Passenger Side Mirror Plinth
The driverís side mirror is OK, but the passenger side mirror is currently for decoration only.
I have been meaning to fix this for a while and want to sort it out before I get a tonneau cover made.
I have two fabrication options to choose from:

I already have all the metal needed to weld/build this mock up I made a long time ago:

But I now have some aluminium sheet for the cockpit walls, so could attempt something like Mr T instead.

The only problem with this approach is that my mounting holes are at an angle on the side of the car.

So I may need to shape and rivet a few alloy panels together, which could still work.

The best thing about this project is I donít need to take the car off the road to do it.

Until next time, take care, Paul.
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