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Originally Posted by MartinClan View Post
Its about 18.5 inches wide and 19.5 inches high at the n/s where the top hose connects. About 18.5 inches high on the o/s. There is a reasonable lines drawing on part no 2bw133. It fits like it was made to measure in the sportster nose. Its only 2 cores but I never had any overheating even when being stuck in long traffic queues in the summer. I do have a good electric fan (12") as I recall. And some 325's have an oil cooler althoughI am not convinced that makes a lot of difference in normal driving.

Cheers Robin
Thank you Robin, I will take a look, the size seems workable. In a way I am skeptical about the advantage of four cores, by the time the air has made it's way through that labyrinth it has probably lost the plot and given up any attempts at extra cooling! It seems to me that a clear easy path for the air might actually result in better cooling, provided there is sufficient cool airflow.

Turning the fan on with my radiator seems to make little difference to the engine temp, although I don't believe it is over heating per se. with the Roadster and it's 1275 engine I had a single core Renault Clio rad and that responded almost instantly when I turned the fan on.

It's the mechanical integrity of the radiator structure which is my concern. I don't want to experience a burst radiator a long way from home with no backup, or means of an easy fix. I am considering joining a recovery organisation but I still don't want to tolerate a potential source of unreliability.
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