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The boot lid needed some sorting. Initially it sat low on one side and high on the other. This was the first time I wielded my angry grinder on my lovely new kit, but after much deliberation I chopped off the interior sill on one side, then using right angled plastic and hot glue I moulded it back in place.

What I did for some reason was to level the high side with the low side, which was dim of course - I ended up with both sides low. So I ended up building up the underside of the boot lid a little to bring the whole thing to the right level.

The lower edge of the boot lid initially projected over the back of the body itself. I spent some evenings staring at pics of Jaguartvr's fix, where he pushed the back of the body moulding outward, but ended up jiggling by grinding a little off the boot lid, adding filler to the body, and moving the whole boot lid forward a little, after which it all lined up.
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