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It may be obvious that I've got nothing to do this morning but post. Am sitting in a dive school with my diving mad ten year old, waiting for the weather to change.

The top edges of my door skins, next to the windows, were straight, I think to match the straight windows off the coupe version if the Tribute 250. But I was making the convertible and I wanted them to sit closely to the curved Z3 windows, so I could fit rubber weather seals. That meant moulding an internal ip on the top edge of the door skin, matching the curve of the window, to which i could glue and screw the weather seal. I didn't take many pictures but what I did was to put a spacer on the window with double-sided tape.

Then a layer of CSM laid onto the spacer formed the curved lip that I wanted. Next I laid the door skin itself on top and put a temporary layer of glass on the outside, to attach my new lip to the skin. Pull it off, and hey presto: the lip matches the window curvature and the spacer means that it has a gap from the window, to leave room to attach my weather seal.

Then I reinforced it from the inside, and ground off the temporary layer of glass from the outside.

If that is clear as mud, I can only apologise. Should have taken more pics.

If you are wondering why my door is quite so bashed about, I found that I had to hammer it down to enable the door skin to sit against the door.
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