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I hope you declared that bri…..sorry prize, to AC12.....or have I been watching too much Line Of Duty!

Now we are way off topic. I need to make a decision so let's focus (and I'm not talking 1.6 TDI).

Returning to my earlier questions about the Jag gearbox configurations, does anyone have any experience with these. ie what transverse 2wd boxes fit straight on. Does the ECU get confused if it's expecting to talk to an auto, and how does the 4wd box behave if you disconnect the rear drive?

And one last question. I can squeeze an Audi V6 (3.0 or 3.2 not VR6) in the bay longitudinally and get the drive shafts to line up...just. Problem is the gearbox would stick out quite a long way at the back. Does anyone have a dimension for the distance between the centre of the drive shafts to the very end of the gearbox? Can seem to find anything conclusive on the web.

Thanks again for all your replies.
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