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Not sure if this is what you are after, but hope it helps.

I assume the 5as, blip key not sure about ecu came off the same car as they are matched.

Did you buy the Marlin 5as plug, I have one if necessary (PM me if interested), although I used the one off the donor car.

The following is from Marlin, below that is my notes.

white/orange to ecu pin 13
black to earth
white to exi switch live, their green
blue to exi permanent live their purple
white/brown to dashboard alarm light their pink blue.

My notes

Pin 1 to Ignition switch live their green
Pin 2 Earth
Pin 9 Imobiliser signal to ecu Pin 13
Pin 10 Antena for remote
Pin 23 Starter relay Pin 2
Pin 26 Perm live

Many thanks to Chris who passed on the information as I no longer own the car.

Good luck Steve
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