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Default K20A2 Coolant System

Hi All,

I've been trying to find some pictures to see how the coolant system is done on a K20 exi as I am having problems with air locks but with no luck. I have no heater so a loop pipe has been fitted with an outlet to return fluid back to the bottle so it can circulate. However I have a feeling this maybe the main problem as at idle it works fine however as soon as the rpm increases the the flow stops and then it starts sucking coolant. I only found out it was actually sucking the fluid back after changing the bottle to different one, thinking the Rover unit was causing the issue. I can take the loop off and cap the heater feed but I'm just wondering how the road ones are done with regards the return to the bottle and circulation as may give that a go whilst making a mess draining the system.

Cheers Jono
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