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Originally Posted by mcramsay View Post
Sadly not that simple, the only part of the suspension set up not is not used from the 5 series is the shocks. These are supplied by marlin, they are the same gaz shock units that are used on the front suspension. Marlin supply a threaded adaptor that screws into the e39 hub for the shock lower mount. The gaz shocks are fitted with 1/2" ID rose mount joints, that allow movement of the shock, basically so it can sit at an angle. My problem is as follows,

With the shock bolted up to the lower mount, there is at least a 2" gap to the top mounting bolt as shown below:

To get over this problem I need to mount the shock at a slight angle, the rose mount joints will allow for this. The problem is spacing the shock to hold it in position. I can't use washers as the OD is too large and then hits the shock housing ( that holds the rose joint) and thus stops it being mounted at an angle. This pic shows the lower mount

I think what I have to do is machine a spacer for the top and bottom mounts which will hold the shock in place and take up the gap between the top chassis mount and shock absorber, but the spacer has to be a small enough outer diameter to allow the rose joint to pivot, I was thinking of stainless tube, 13mm ID and then 17mm OD this will sit flush on the rose joint and not the outer casing of the shock, but I will have to weld a large thick washer to the end of the spacer where it meets the chassis on the top mount, to better spread the load when the bolt is tightened up.

Kind of hard to explain! I have emailed marlin so just waiting for there advice! It can take a few days for them to respond to emails though!

You can follow my build on this photo bucket album!
Hi Craig,
OK, I get the problem. Check with Marlin but I think you need "rose joint misalignment spacers"
Try searching on ebay or have a look at this...


P.S. nice build photo's!

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