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The other thing you could do (if I understand where the shock is positioned) is make up a steel plate a few mm thick that the other end of the bolt goes through (you'll need a longer bolt). The plate could then be bolted onto the outside of the chassis rail that sits above top of the shock or even better, welded and then bolted. This would at least hold the bolt both ends but you'd still need some long spacers

Thinking again, if you made a |_| shaped bracket about same width apart as the brackets on the front suspension, it could fit over the top of the rose joint with the bolt going through both sides but itself be bolted up through the underside of the chassis rail above. If the main bolt came through the chassis, one side of the bracket, the rose joint (and smaller spacers) and then the nut on the other side of the bracket, that would be pretty secure and have the advantage that loading on the bracket mount bolt is down it's axis so very unlikely to break. I can draw a picture if that doesn't make much sense.
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