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Again, thanks for the feedback/ideas.

The problem with new wheels/tyres is that as they will be different from those that the vehicle was originally presented with, the car would need retesting on any related issues. This would be correct load and speed rating for the tyres, plus testing the accuracy of the speedo again. Therefore if I can borrow some wheels/tyres they would need to comply with max speed of vehicle on IVA form or I'd need to get (as Johns suggested) some skinny tyres on suitable skinny wheels that could prove expensive.

The new arches from Marlin look 'interesting' but would need a lot of work to fit (especially as my bodywork is likely to stay as gel-coat for some time). I think there may be issues with the radius on the lower edge as well. I would also imagine the lead time from Marlin is likely to be months, not weeks.

I'd thought about some rubber strip, similar to the lotus idea, and asked the tester. He said that any extensions should be of a similar rigidity to the rest of the bodywork and permanently fitted (although 'what you do with the car after IVA is up to you')!

I was thinking of making some extensions, perhaps with a foam core then covered in GRP or body filler and sprayed in a contrasting colour (ie black). These could be clipped, bonded or bolted on in a semi permanent way. Perhaps labour intensive but relatively cheap and simple. I don't know if anyone else has tried this. It may be possible to keep them for others to use (when we SVA'd the Tiger Supercat we needed extensions for the front indicators to move them out from the nose cone. There were several sets of extensions passed around forum members when their tests were due).

Cheers again
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