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Thanks again for all of the advice/offers of wheels etc.

I've gone through several options (including building up foam cored GRP covered wheel arch extensions) but Jono has set me back on what I think is the right track:

I found some Foamex (also known as Foamalite, Forex and Palight) at work today. This is a PVC sheet, 5mm tick, with smooth outer skins and an aero like core. Lightweight and stiff, but in a 45mm wide strip is flexible enough to curve around the inside flange of the wheel arches. I can shape it easily with a file/sandpaper, including a 2.5mm radius on the outer edge. I'm going to have a go at bolting some of these on, using the 10mm or so turnback on the wheel arch flange. Rears need to be about 20mm wider and front 10mm. Pics to follow if I'm successful.

My bodywork is about 1670mm across the rear wheel arches, so it would appear that the bodywork hasn't changed!

Thanks again for the help
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