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Thanks for te support guys,it's a bit difficult to explain what i want with a car that suits me.........
Lets start...........seatbelts,i definatly hate seatbelts.I feel like a prisoner wearing seatbelts,they cause pain in my left shoulder(smashed shoulder and collarbone in the past because of a motorcycle crash) but they are mandatory after 1972.
Electrikety.........modern cars have too much electronics for me,i like to drive myself and not a bloody computer telling me how to drive.
If a modern car brakes down you need an electrician instead of an mechanic and you can not repare it yourself most of the time.
Inside room..........i find modern cars small on the inside,almost no leg room and mostly a very big gearbox tunnel console thing to house all of the electrikety thingies.
My '48 Ford Anglia Hotrod is a small car,very narrow as all sit up and beg's are,but there is enough room for my fat ass,the '62 Anglia is also a small car but again enough room to sit in.The Peugeot 404 is big car wit large front seats,no tunnel and very comfortable.
If something breaks down on one of these cars i can repare it myself and thats what i want.
@Jeffrey..........sorry to dissapoint you but the R4 kit you are building does it not for me,it looks like more of the same as you know what i mean,there are already so many Morgan-ish kitcars.........
I am having thoughts about a A352 tribute,Miglia or Sammio at the moment as they are build on a classic car and have a classic racing look.
For now these thoughts are not concrete but i have to let some time get over it.
Like the tribute A352 with the hardtop though............
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