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Seat belts - no way round that since 1972, sorry

Electrikety - the only possibly intrusive thing is traction control and that can be wired off, unless you count a radio and working headlights as intrusive. The ECU etc give you a fault code to tell you where the problem is. You still need a brain to fix it. Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow is still all mechanical

Inside room - Cars have got bigger as people have got bigger. All the soft padding can be removed. much more room in my Z300 after ripping all the plastic centre console and glove box out

Yes old cars had proportionately more room as the contained less stuff. If you take the stuff you don't want out of the modern car you regain a lot of the space.

I don't understand what you can't repair on the Z3 compared to the 404 (great car). Okay, if the fuel injectors fail you have to replace the part but that is the same for the old cars too. Some bits you mend and some you replace

My Z300 with skinny wires and partially stripped interior feels totally different to the Z3. It actively encourages you to change your driving style too - turn in, let the tyres settle and then chug out the corners.

In my Mercedes it is accelerate towards the corner, turn in and accelerate through the corner - just watch the flashing yellow light on the dash sort out the problems for you. I am guessing this is not what you want.

I am not saying you are wrong in your views or judgement, I am just suggesting you might try the finished product rather than the raw materials...
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