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Default said before it's difficult for me to explain,i think a modern car just does it not for me.
ECU,injectors,no carburettors,katalysator and traction control,too many warning lights and several sound warnings(forgot the seat belt,door is not locked,abs is not on,possible ice on the,ping,ping)makes my cranky and thinking the car manufacturers think todays drivers are total idiots.
It is not only about the z3,it's the general feeling i have about modern cars.
At work i do a lot of maintenance on trucks and light commercial vehicles,most of the problems are electrikety related.
Plug in the computer and it tells you what's wrong...........NOT!
In case of a truck with air suspension failure the computer had no less as 47 possibilaties to check.......after an hour i found a broken switch wich te computer had not mentioned.
Oh well,i am curious to see the SWB developing and hope everyone who builds one is happy with it.........
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