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Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans View Post
I would be tempted to trial fit some 205/70's first. That will save hours of work and they'll probably fit under wider arches. The style of car lends itself to narrow wheels and tyres anyway.
Exactly why the car is set up to take 5.5 maximum ...I have another one on the go for a customer , his is on 16 x 5's and that's wide enough on a Scim car for me ..
If Geoff had started with a Vitesse and the narrower track , the wheels would fit just fine ...

Bottom line is , he was made aware of the issues before he bought the wheel/tyre combo ...I advised him that it would create a headache ,..but he wants a wide look to the car ...I designed her to be narrow purely because the real examples are narrow and all the Replica stuff is wide due to Cortina / Sierra and Jag axles being used ...
Geoff wants a wide look to go with his wheels , 3.4 Essex engine / RX8 gearbox , rear discs etc approach to his car ...

Not how I would build for me , but it's not my car ...
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