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Originally Posted by Paul L View Post
I assume that means widening the boot lid to match?

I know there was a time when taking an angle grinder to the body shell would have filled me with fear.

But these days, I am just interested in where/how you make the cuts, as I understand the process better.

Good luck, Paul.
Yes Paul ...I started the work yesterday , right pain to do on my own ( I don't have a ''Paul'' like Ed China )...took a few hours to get it all set up and clamped and bolted in place , but managed to get it fibreglassed back together by glassing the rear valance and dash face initially as these pieces are vertical and tied it back together... I did a nice hot mix and the muggy weather helps to cure it nice and quickly ... Turned the body over with the help of the neighbour and glassed the entire cut from underneath , body went back on just before I left for the day ... this morning , I will add some fibreglass paste to the top surface and give it an initial sand ....

bootlid and bonnet will be done once the body has been secured to the frame ..
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