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Hi guys

it's a long time now with no updates and the car is still sitting in the garage, I have done some work inbetween but not worth showing.
I thought I can fresh up my motivation with a running engine mated to a longitudinal gearbox, so I bought a Ford 2.9i V6 cologne in good condition last week.
Two things I would like to do now:
1. get rid of the EFI and put carbs instead to keep the original 60ies spirit and look, three double carbs and may be I can use the EFI manifold with a adaptor plate...
2. Find a gearbox for midengine configuration.

I know the TVR had triple carb configuration so I think this change can be done without much problems, use the 2.3 or 2.8 standard ignition and some carbs will do it for me. I do not intend to go for maximum power, just need V6 sound and a running engine.

The gearbox will be much more difficult, I have a VW adapter plate with flywheel, but I need to rotate the VW boxes (beetle or VW bus T3) upside down to have the midengine config.
Some people did this with Porsche boxes in a GT40 but Porsche is no option for me, that is too expansive.

Does anybody have advices for alternative gearboxes? I am pretty lost at the moment and don't know if an upside down VW box will last...
Did anybody do something like this?

Thanks guys, any help is much appreciated!
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