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I like your recessed floors. I'm going to recess the front pans rather more than the rear to accommodate my floor mounted pedals, which will also give me a bit more legroom than I'd otherwise have.

I can now also see how you'll be able to fit your seats with your centre outrigger where it is. on my shell, the rear 4" of the space you have your seats in is occupied by the front edge of the rear seat/luggage area, which is shaped to give that part of the shell some strength. Hopefully you can just about see what I mean in this pic -

The good thing for you, of course, is that you have a blank canvas so you can shape the structure inside and out to fit around what you want under it, while I somehow have to fit the parts I want into the existing shell. I did toy with the idea of putting a straight six up front but it'd have intruded too far into the cockpit once it was moved back far enough to clear the bonnet at the front.

I'll measure my engine later to see how it compares with the Mazdo motor, but I'm sure you'll get it to fit somehow.

Anyway, haven't you got some fishing to do? I think maybe you could do with some rest and relaxation, it's nothing to do with you showing me up by racing forward with a similar project to the one I've had sat in my garage for nearly four years. No, honestly...
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