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That is right Ross, you cannot take a sideview outline from photos, I always overlaid the photos I have taken from my car with some I found in the inet and tried to use the same distortion and lens.
I did not have a sideview outline from the 206SP, I found an old plan from an early 206SP but it was too unprecise.
What I did is I also played with some 3D files to generate outlines, but it did not work well...
So it is all based on the feeling for lines and proportions... but actually it should be much easier to find plans for the 246GT!!

You lucky bastard have original 246 panels? Or fiberglass Deon DGT or else?
The Deon is not based on the 246 but on the 206GT, I found out there is a big difference between the earlier 206 and the 246, front and back of the 206 are much lower, bumpers go down at the front, looks less attractive than the 246!
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