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hi all

I had looked at these guy's before and assume the quoted price is a starter price before any customizing of the chassis is done. Dehavilland use the complete mgf subframes along with the mg engine in their chassis build, but are said to be looking into a V6 engine mod option. But they still use the original JHClassic's moulds so still with the inherited body anomalies.
I happened to come across some original dino 246gt side gutter/rain strips and also a front screen rubber filler strip. To my amazement the gutter strips fitted straight on to the return I had bonded onto my deon/JHC so side glass and door glass must be the same in the 206/246? The screen filler fits the scuttle and the upright front screen pillars width wise although does not fit at the top!! Therefor the 246gt screen must be about 20mm taller than the 206. This confirms to me why a friend's replacement dino screen didn't fit. After a small accident resulted in his screen shattering the local auto screen people broke the replacement screen while refitting it,then claiming it was too big for the opening! I remember he sourced a replacement at the time from deon.
I studied your chassis pictures and compared them to the cascu build on face book a couple of years ago.Although similar there are quite a few differences. The pic you posted shows outriggers not fitted on his chassis, and also a slight difference in the centre tunnel. Do you have a date on the blueprint?

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