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Originally Posted by rochdaleGT View Post
above pic is my car, but pic copied from here:

page 4 shows further pics
Hey, Rochdale. What a coincidence, I own an exact replica of that prototype V8 Marlin too!

Of course, I didn't build it so I have no idea what parts went into it, but I read on the internet that it has a modified Rover V8 and probably has Ford suspension.

I'm afraid I can't quite remember where I parked it and never thought to ever take even a single picture of me with it, but here's a picture of my car that I found on somebody else's blog, which they must have taken when I took it to Strasbourg, which I think might be in France or Germany (I suppose it depends on what year I went) -

I also own a lot of other very cool cars, of course, so here's my daily driver, a new Bugatti something or other (picture taken at a hill climb when my mate Lewis Hamilton was borrowing it -

Can't remember the exact model name, I'd take a look at the badge on the bootlid but I've left it in an underground car park in one of my mansions and I just can't remember which one.

I guess what I'm saying, Rochdale, is that claiming you have lots of cool stuff and posting pictures of it you found on the internet while slagging other people's cars off on their build threads is pretty easy to do these days.

Your contributions to the Sammio forum have been nothing but toxic, while your contribution to this debate into the Marlin's front suspension have been pretty nebulous, which suggests you actually neither own one or really know anything about them that you couldn't just Google.

So let's have some pictures of you with your Marlin V8 Works prototype, taken with today's newspaper held out just to prove it's not something you copied off the 'net.

Failing that, it's probably time to sod off and troll somebody else's hobby.

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