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Originally Posted by lancelot link View Post
I think you can see it because its in your computer memory ...I can see it too but I was told earlier it had been taken down ...

I , as a trader , would love to hear from someone who knows whats happening ...but I am guessing that won't happen ... if its as I suspect it might be ..the old badge misuse game ...Company near me nearly 30 years ago had a destruction notice issued for doing that ..the original 250 GTO / 240Z kits ...

I would like to think that my decisions to emulate not replicate will keep me out of the current goings on a selfish way !!
I think the clue is that some people are effectively representing their cars as the real marque. Egg making copies of landmark cars.

The moon fruit sit comes up on Google. I am using a new phone for the first time today, so no Web history.
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