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Originally Posted by peterux View Post
hmm... not sure what the IVA inspector will think of that? I guess it is permenant lock so should be OK just not sure?

By the way this looks like a really exciting creative build. I used to have a real Austin Healy sprite, so imagining a streched version with a V8 is mind blowing!

The tab washer idea is better than locking nuts, but I will still have the old locking nuts on so when painted it will look like a belt and braces situation. Some Cars ,like an Ariel Atom that my friend had, have locking nuts and are also drilled and wired.

I was thinking today about the width and if I should cut the chassis or widen the body as the TVR chassis is wider than the Sprite body. If the body was widened it would look like an Austin Healey 3000 from the back which is how most people will be looking at it Any way, that's a while off yet so lets get on with it.

Today I slung a spare V8 over the chassis

Only to find that it dosen't fit

After removing the exhaust manifolds and snapping three of the sixteen retaining bolts off I found that the engine would just squeeze in between the chassis top rails, there being more room at the front than the back.
Problem is that the water pump pulley is in the way and it will not drop down low enough into the chassis at the front as there is a top cross member bracing the chassis where the top shock mounts are situated.
So I decided to remove the water pump and proceeded to snap three more bolts off. Not to worry, I'm not using this engine so not a problem for now.
Next the alternator came off and the wussey power steering pump, well at least it's getting lighter.
Looks like I will have to move the cross member up the chassis a bit or maybe stick a bent tube in so as the crossmember fixing points are the same but giving a couple of inches more forward clearance.
Any way, that's it for a couple of weeks I'm afraid, We're off on holiday for a week and then her indoors wants the living room decorating and a radiator moving and new wood flooring etc etc,

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