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Little or no progress untill I've addressed some problems. Managed to cut two crossmembers out of the chassis, one under the sump which will be relalced when the engine position is finalised and same with the top bracing cross member which braced the front shock mountings.
Good news is that my next door neighbour is a welder and he is going to fix the chassis up when we decide what to alter in order to get the V8 nice and snug in the engine bay.
The starter will have to be swapped as the solenoid is on the side and will foul one of the chassis uprights. I think I can get one with the solenoid on top.
The exhaust pipes are a problem but we can use tubular pipes and alter the top chassis rail if we need to (so the welder says with confidence).
Biggest problem and the one which will hold up everything else is the choice of gearbox. Without a gearbox the final engine position is not known so I need to be making a decision soon.
I've been told that Toyota Supra is a good choice but will I need an adapter plate and what will the cost be? Maybe I'll keep looking for a decent Rover SD1 box if I can get one cheap or a Ford type 9. Next week will be make your mind up time for the gearbox then we can get on with fitting it all in.

Wish me luck because this car will be a beast of a motor even if it dosen't scream round the track faster than every one else it will look and sound like a monster, especially if I can widen the body to compliment the extra 10inches in length.
Watch this space.....
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