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Originally Posted by ChrisS View Post
Having not been able to progress my car for the last 8 months or so due to other family priorities I am now picking up on things from last summer.
Appreciate some input on engine alignment and gearstick positioning.
I have an M52 engine and with the engine mounts as supplied by Marlin with the gearbox mount in the centre of the transmission tunnel the gearbox drive flange seems quite nicely aligned with the rear diff flange.
However my concern is where that leaves the gearstick mount in relation to the transmission tunnel. While not obsessed with it being absolutely dead centre of the tunnel mine ends up hard over to one side. See attached pic. Surely this canít be right. Looking at pics I have taken of various cars at shows etc it seems way off.
Before I get too deep into a solution I was wondering where others found their gearstick ending up and whether they had had any problems in getting them where they wanted them.
I think there is something odd about the position of that e39 gearshift.
Have you thought about trying a gearbox and shift mechanism from an e36 car? I think most Sportsters have been built using either e30 or e36 engine/gearboxes and I haven't seen a problem like this before.
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