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Default Back in the cave. At last

Yesterday, after what I see has been a three month break, I managed a little work on the Monaco. I'd been busy in the garden for the first dry days having previously been busy making and mounting two more double swift nesting boxes.

I had to remove the earthenware house martin nest (which was a gift, but in my near quarter century here I've never seen one in this part of town) to make space. I remounted it as it contained bat droppings, so obviously a handy summer roost .

I'd sat in the car to try out the seats and seating position late last year, and was dismayed to find that the gear stick, bent back to clear the dash, hit the steering wheel in the 3rd and 4th plane. Aaaaaaaaaargh! I first considered cutting an access hole in the side of the tunnel, a lá A352, but then hit on the idea of extending the top tunnel hole backwards.

Suitably masked and suited, I drilled two 8mm corner holes and padsawed out a square. Utilising my advanced gynaecology skills I was able to remove the lever, clamp it in the vice, and bend the top third or so to the left using a 4' length of 1" box with an old wheel nut protecting the thread. Reassembly was straightforward, and a suitable gaiter will cover the hole.

With a few more dry days forecast, and my enthusiasm rekindled, I'll crack on, with the re-scheduled kit car show my completion target date.

Regards, Mick

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