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Originally Posted by Dpaz
BTW What year Kit car show
Good point!

On Friday I decided to finish off the wiring to the front lights. I decided that the 1mm ally indicator brackets were too flimsy so re-made them in 3mm using the old ones as templates to ensure the rivet holes in the frame could be re-used. I 4mm pop-riveted the indicator bodies to the brackets, tested the bulbs, and mounted them. I thought about bending the brackets forwards like the old ones but realised that, as they were, they'd double as side repeaters.

I then crimped the side and head light bulb holders to the loom and mounted the lights in their pods. Job done apart from the indicator wiring which I'll complete when I rivet on the escutchions I made - see below.

Yesterday I turned my attention to the wiring for the rear lights. I dug out the rear wings, their brackets, and the lights/indicators/reflectors. I realised that the rear escutchions would be much more difficult to fit with the wings in situ so decided to fit them first. These are cosmetic to hide the holes chopped by both myself and previous owners to clear differing rear suspensions. Tin snipping; bending; offering up; drilling and riveting ensued. These five minute jobs always take ages and I called it a day having finished one side.

The sun's out now so down to the cave again .

Regards, Mick
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