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Having finished the escutcheon, I decided to fit the wing and lamps. The Lucas L691 stop/tail lamps are meant to be attached using the two stubby studs on the back. These are too short for the GRP. They came (second hand) without any of the fixings for the lenses either. A bit of head scratching and I hit on the idea of long M4 bolts going through the lens holes, the lamp body, the rubbers and the wing. These I've ordered on line. I cut off the stubs and carefully opened up the holes in the lenses, only the merest amount of plastic being removed. The Lucas L488 indicators I bought new, these I'll fix to the wings with hose clips, a technique I used successfully on my Lotus S2/3 styled Westie. I bolted the wing to its bracket, and fitted both front and rear braces: it's now very rigid. I popped the lights in and was very pleased with the appearance. Finishing off the wiring will wait until both sides are ready.

It was so cold in the windy cave that I went in for a warm up and a sarnie. Suitably refreshed I returned and started on the driver's side, but after fitting the escutchion I called it a day.

Regards, Mick
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