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Thumbs up It's starting to look like a car.

After three more days beavering away in the cave, I have something approaching a car. Having fitted the newly painted grille and number plate, and finished attaching and wiring the rear lights and indicators, I decided to charge and fit the battery and test my reconstituted loom. I dug out the pedal operated stop lamp switch, the only electrical item not fitted, and wired it in. Having successfully reconstituted looms for my Marlin; A352; and Lomax I was confident that all would be well from the off. Engaging the isolator switch, the dash warning lights all came on. WTF? I turned it off and had a think, suddenly realising that the dash itself, which had everything it held earthed to it, was not itself earthed. D'Oh! I jury rigged a lead straight to the -ve battery terminal and tried again. The voltmeter swung; the sidelights worked; but the indicators; horn; and headlights didn't? More head scratching and I realised that in line fuse holders and relays work so much better with fuses in them. Bingo. It all now worked as it should.

Yesterday I set to with fitting the front wings. Once the brackets were bolted through the body I balanced the wings in place, adjusting them until they appeared symmetrical. I marked one bracket bolt hole each side from beneath with Snopake. Removing them to the bench, I drilled 3mm pilot holes from the undersides, and opened them to 6mm from the other. Bolting them on and again adjusting for symmetry, I could accurately mark the other three holes each side. Once they were fitted, I felt I was now getting on the last lap, so I mounted the aero screens, rested the DCD on its manifold, and popped in the seat back for a photo' call.

Feeling mighty pleased I called it a day. However, once night fell, I went back to the cave to play with the lights in the dark - very satisfying.

Brake and clutch hydraulics are next on the to-do list.

Regards, Mick
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