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Default SwiftyDS's MRS200 Build

Hi everyone - having been encouraged by Nostromo's MRS200 build thread that I've been following previously on I thought I'd take the plunge and start a build thread for my kit.

It's early days as the kit only arrived from Tribute yesterday, but all good things have a start and hopefully over the coming weeks and months my little 80s rally replica will start to take shape.

I thought it would be a good idea to get Chris at Tribute to crate up the kit and have it delivered on a pallet - well easier than hiring a van, driving down to Dorset and getting in/out of the van. What I didn't realise is that the lorry bringing the excellently packaged kit would arrive without a fork lift not even realising they were delivering a kit car to a domestic address. Me and the driver managed to get most of the panels out whilst the pallet/crate was still on the lorry but we then had to unload (for that read drag!) the pallet off the side of the lorry complete with the rear clam/roof panel in situ! It was certainly heavy and I had visions of us dropping it with the rear clam breaking into pieces!

Progress so far has been limited to dismantling the crate and unpacking the kit contents and then working out how to store it in about 2/3rds of one side of the garage. The MR2 Roadster base is on the other side whilst I run this for the next couple of weeks and check for issues.




Whilst I've been waiting for the kit to arrive - I managed to convince Andy and Chris at Tribute (ok twist their arms) to add me to the last set of 4 panels that were being moulded now the kit/moulds themselves are up for sale by Andy - I've been amassing various Sierra/Ford parts from the 80s, Golf MK2 headlights, hinges (I will be hinging the rear clam) and the MR2 Roadster base car itself. Oh and I treated myself to a replica RS200 rear screen complete with louvres and in a nice bronze tint with black edging (thank you Bill Watson and RS Automotive, now the home of what was the Mercury/EVO 200 kit).

The plan is to run the MR2 until Christmas and then commence the panel removal. In the meantime I probably won't be able to resist starting to remove the flash lines and mould wax/release agent from the panels and drill out the grills/vents. I will also be fitting original Ford door handles and locks so need to refine the linking mechanism.

Deciding on wheels is leading me to spend countless hours on eBay waiting for that set of OZ or Speedline alloys to come up at a crazy price - needless to say that hasn't happened yet. The last set of original RS200 Speedline alloys and new tyres on eBay went for 850+ and when I contacted Image Wheels who do a replica wheel I was quoted 1800+ for a set. Needless to say they are not on the Christmas list to Santa.

I will try to post regularly even if it's just to share my sense of achievement at drilling a hole.

Thanks for reading.

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