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Default Sammio Exhaust Configuration

I seem to have been messing around with the exhaust system on my 13/50 for weeks.

My initial plan was to modify the donor exhaust system as the back box is in excellent condition. So I shortened the donor system to allow for the shortening of the outriggers only to find that my back box is longer than the distance between the rear damper mounts and the rear of the Sammio bodywork. Thought I could get round this by rotating the back box to that the tail pipe emerges on the nearside instead of the offside. But the angle of the tailpipe now looks wrong.

I have looked around the forum and cannot see any photos which show a simple installation for a 13/50 that will fit up into the space (hence giving sensible ground clearance) between the rear damper mounts and the rear Sammio bodywork. Feel a bit lazy leaning on others for a solution but I don't want to waste money trying different bends and silencers.

Grateful for some pointers please.


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