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Originally Posted by Munky View Post
Having wrapped a couple of cars with 3M wrap, I think you would be surprised by how long it lasts. My Atom is wrapped and it has been so for 4+ years now (but spends its stored life inside).
Itís a complete bugger to wrap compound surfaces. I made it worse for my self by using white carbon fiber look on one car and the areas of stretch were very noticeable.
All that said, unless I was changing a car colour and the car was worth more if left in the original paint (like my old 911) I would still go for paint rather than a wrap.
It looks like consensus of opinion is to paint it. So that is probably the way I will go. I had an old 911, a 1984 targa sc. one of those cars I wish I hadnít sold😩. I would not have entertained putting a wrap on that car, but in that case originality is king.
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