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Default Mistral

I have an MX5 I am about to strip down for the engine, box, loom and instruments for an old very unfinished Ford based Merlin 2+2, but I also have an MGB that I could use instead. Having seen your wonderful Bentley a few years ago and your other projects, if you can get a mould as good as the colour picture, I would seriously be interested in buying one as a body swap for the MX5....I speak from experience that knocking out a good mould takes time and has to be worth your while, so I sincerely hope you get enough feedback! ....I'm currently making a body tub for a Riley Brooklands boat-tail, that will sit on top of a Vincent chassis from Dwornick Engineering.
Best of luck
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Originally Posted by Tribute Automotive View Post
Throwing this tread out for some feedback and opinions from anyone with an interest in this sort of car/bodyshell.

This is a Microplas Mistral which was a GRP "special" body produced from 1955 until the mid 60's and originally designed to fit on the Ford 8/10 (Popular) chassis and running gear.

The shell was also adapted and used with other chassis/running gear setups by various other manufacturers such as TVR and in the hands of racers ended up as cars such as this V8 equipped beauty....

More photo's at:

...and this one off with Coventry Climax power

So, after that very brief history, the reason for the request for feedback, I have just purchased this and will be picking it up on Saturday:

It will need a little work to get it back into shape, but having done that who knows what's next? Produce a cheap and cheerful shell that allows the buyer to choose the base car? Hang it on a Lotus 7 type chassis? MX5 body conversion?

Your opinions and ideas please.
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