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Under the "old" system where there was a VOSA inspection i had my old car changed to:

Make: Sammio
Model: Spyder

But.... TBH even under the old rules i was never 100% sure just from reading the guidance notes that we could get the Make changed like that and i was expecting:

Triumph - Sammio Spyder
Based on the precedent of:
Rollys Royce - Mulliner Park Ward (you know what i mean!)

So TBH this time i am more than happy to have mine changed to:

Make: Triumph
Model: Miglia
Model: Miglia Speedster

Seeing as there is no VOSA inspection, this keeps the documentation change simple and accurate and as close to the guidance notes as possible for whoever at the DVLA ends up processing it and that also seems to now be backed up with what they have told Paul.
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