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Unhappy Front Brake Saga (cont.)

The other day, when weather permitted, I wandered down to the cave to complete the assembly of my front brakes, dreaming that, help in the shape of my furloughed son being available, bleeding activity would soon follow. Hopes dashed again, as ever. I'd carefully assembled the pads and anti-squeal shims into the callipers with the merest smear of copper grease (unlike that tall bloke who puts it on with a trowel), and bolted the units onto the uprights. So far, so good. Next job: flexi pipes. Aaaaargh, they're too short. Check various internet sources and discover that GT6/Vitesse callipers have a metal pipe and bracket which brings the outboard flexi-pipe attachment more central to overcome any stretching or fouling. Buy necessary pipes, fabricate suitable brackets (they're unavailable) after studying You Tube videos, fit same, offer up flexi pipes: still too short. Aaaaargh again! More research reveals that extra long flexis are still needed for this application. I bought the necessary on line in stainless this morning so the saga should be concluded in next week's forecast good weather. I really hope so. The picture shows the current state of play.

My seamstress friend, who did such fabulous work for the A352, has gone to live in the USA so I decided to have a go at making the seat covers myself. I bought a pre-owned sewing machine on line this morning and am picking it up about 12 miles away tomorrow. How difficult can it be .

Regards, Mick
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